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Opening Remarks
Opening Session-Centenarian Genetics

09:30-10:00- Prof. Claudio Franceschi-University of Bologna- biomarkers of biological age; chronic inflammation/inflammaging.
10:00-10:20- Dr. Miriam Capri-University of Bologna- circulating cell-free DNA.
10:20-10:40- Prof. Paolo Garagnani-University of Bologna- whole genome genetics.
10:40-11:00- Prof. Giuseppe Passarino-University of Calabria-nuclear and mitochondrial genetics.
11:00-11:30- Prof. Gil Atzmon- University of Haifa- Longevity epigenetic
11:30-12:00- Panel discussion of all five presenters- Coordinate Prof. Claudio Franceschi.

2nd session- Longevity Lifestyle, Nutrition

Chair- Prof. Yael Netz
13:30-13:50- Prof. Israel (Issi) Doron- University of Haifa- Longevity lifestyle
13:50-14:10- Prof. Pierre Singer- Tel Aviv university - Clinical nutrition and longevity
14:10-14:25- Prof. Ciriaco Carru- University of Sassari- gut microbiota.
14:25-14:40- Dr. Aurelia Santoro-University of Bologna- gut microbiota shot gun; body composition.
14:40-15:00- Prof. Yael Netz- Wingate institute - Physical exercise and longevity.
15:00-15:20- Prof. Ron Cialic - Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center - Longevity and frailty.
15:20-15:30- Student abstract blitz talk 2 blitz talk by abstract submitted winners.
15:30-16:00- Panel discussion of all six presenters- Coordinate Prof. Israel (Issi) Doron.

Coffe Break
3rd session-Clinical Longevity

Chair- Prof. Michael Wolf
16:30-16:50- Prof. Tzvi Dwolatzky- Rambam Medical Center - Longevity and cognition.
16:50-17:05- Dr. Maria Conte- University of Bologna- Brain pathology.
17:05-17:25- Prof. Michael Wolf- Tel Hashomer Medical Center - Hearing loss and longevity.
17:25-17:40- Dr. Stefano Salvioli- University of Bologna- Mitokines; volatile organic compounds.
17:40-18:00- Dr. Lavy Klein - Shoham Medical Center- Sleeping pattern and longevity.
18:00-18:15- Prof. Daniela Monti- University of Florence- Tyroid function.
18:15-18:25- Prof. Daniela Mari- University of Milan-The book on centenarians.
18:25-18:30- Student abstract blitz talk 1 blitz talk by abstract submitted winner.
18:30-19:00- Panel discussion of all four presenters- Coordinate Prof. Tzvi Dwolatzky.

closing remarks Prof. Atzmon and Franceschi